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Traffic Server




Unlimited Slots – Custom mods – Easy interface - Dense AI Traffic

This server runs under the project AssettoServer

- Unlimited storage for cars & tracks
- Powerful to handle dense traffic
- Preloaded freeroam tracks for quick setup
- FTP access to "tracks" for loading new AI lanes
- Reserved cars for admins (Police Mode)
- Extra Settings and CSP Extra Settings
- Usefull admin only COMMANDS
- TUTORIALS in many languages

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Where I receive my login details?

    We will send you all the information to log to the server at the same e-mail as your PayPal

  • How long does it take to receive the login details?

    The e-mail will not take longer than 12h, normally is much faster. Sometimes you can recibe it the next hour.

  • How I can order more than one server?

    To order more than one server you just need to repeat the proces as much servers you need.

  • How I cancel my server?

    Log to your PayPal account and cancel the payment for the subscription. That easy