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Update for AC TRAFFIC

Sergi Garzón - 27/06/2023

During today we willbe updating the interface for the TRAFFIC SERVERS


-Option to manually edit the Entry List
-Option to manually edit Server_CFG
-Missing Content Download
-Maximum session time is now limited
-Practice session will be always ON
-Pickup mode will be always ON

Update for ACC Server Manager

Sergi Garzón - 02/06/2023

Users from ACC Competizione server will update get the Empereor Servers interface updated. Estimated downtime 1 hour


-Sessions in a Preset can now be re-ordered by dragging and dropping the tab selector.
-It is now possible to transfer an entrant's previous team points in a Championship when changing their team. When editing the Team Name, a checkbox will appear asking if you would like to "Transfer team points from previous events?".
-The number of available pit boxes for a track is now shown when the track is selected in the race form (taking into account whether the server is in public or private mode).
-The Calendar will now show completed events that had been scheduled.

-Fixed: Fixed an issue where deleted Championships could cause unnecessary error messages ("Found orphaned Championship Event...").
-Results and Championship events now use the track name as specified by the game server. Fixed an issue where "Register with Steam" may not work in some scenarios.
-Fixed an issue where Inverse Grid Race session results could be lost on Championship event save or Championship import. -Fixed an issue where the "Current Event" card on the homepage could incorrectly label a practice session.
-Fixed an issue where "Entry List" would be shown in the navigation when editing a Championship Event.
-Improved description of Max Car Slots option to make limits in different scenarios more clear.
-Fixed an issue where drivers would not be able to register to a Championship when "Let users choose Entrant and Car" was disabled.
-Improved sorting behaviour when applying penalties, penalties applied to drivers that are one lap or more down from the leaders should now work as expected more consistently..

Update for AC Competizione

Sergi Garzón - 25/05/2023

Users from AC Competizione server will update to v1.9.3 during this night. Estimated downtime 1 hour


- Added new McLaren 720S GT3 Evo 2023.
- Fixed an issue at Valencia with pitlane detection.

- BOP fine tuning for Bathurst.
- BOP fine tuning for Paul Ricard.
- Honda and Bentley performance improvements.
- Audi R8 LMS GT3 EvoII aeromap during yaw rotation improvements.
- Tyre model consumption tweaks.
- Tyre model slick tyres at very cold/wet temperatures tweaks.
- Ferrari 296 GT3 steering lock set at 400.
- Ferrari 296 GT3 number of ECU maps fix (no other changes).
- Lamborghini Huracán GT3 EVO2 fuel consumption relative to engine braking ecu maps fixed (inverted).