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European Truck Simulator 2 Hosting

Make a server for Euro Truck Simulator 2 and play online. Load your game data files and the server will start with the same content you have. Setup your server lobby name and some other small details and start your server.

European Truck Simulator server hosting panel

European Truck Simulator 2

6 / per month, fee & tax included

  • 8 drivers available
  • Dedicated interface for ATS
  • Top lobby positions
  • Powerful to handle dense AI traffic
  • No FTP required to load mods
  • Multiple server locations
  • Server online 24/7
  • Multiple accounts on the control panel

Easy web interface

We custom build a web manager interface to manage the server. Load your mods, setup your server, check the console, create admin accounts.... Everything quick and easy from your browser. We focused on making a simple interface so you can focus on the important part, driving.

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Server interface for Euro Truck Simulator 2
Server options for Euro Truck Simulator 2

Server creation tutorials:

We have a quick video in 3 languages right now. This video shows you how to load your custom game to the server and how to start. Quick and easy. Check our Youtube channel to see all the content we load there.

Our Youtube channel
Create a server for Euro Truck Simulator 2
Crear un servidor para Euro Truck Simulator 2
Créer un serveur pour Euro Truck Simulator 2

Available server locations:

The best location is delivered automatically by our system.


Frequent Questions

Where I receive my login details ?

We will send you all the information to log to the server at the same e-mail as your PayPal

Why I only have 8 drivers allowed?

Sadly SCS the company who made the game only allows a maximum of 8 connections on their servers. From our side there's nothing we can do, as soon as they increase the amount of players, we will do it also.

How I can order more than one server ?

To order more than one server you just need to repeat the proces as much servers you need.

How I cancel my server ?

To cancel the server just send us an email to and we will cancel the recurring payments. Server will be closed at the end of the billing cycle.