- Server hosting for Assetto Corsa

Assetto Corsa AI Traffic server

Create a server for Assetto Corsa with AI cars generating traffic. Perfect for free roam maps like Shutoko Revival Project and Nihon. Denisty can be adjusted to high levels. For experienced users it can also work with Custom Shaders Patch.

Assetto Corsa Traffic Server Control Panel

Assetto Corsa AI Traffic

7 / per month, fee & tax included

  • Unlimited drivers
  • Unlimited MOD storage
  • Add AI cars to create real traffic
  • Wrong way driving allowed
  • No server penalties
  • Traffic density adjustment
  • Missing content download
  • Custom admin commands

Advanced interface for easy control

We build an interface with the goal of making traffic servers with AI for Assetto Corsa really easy. Replicate popular servers like Shutoko Revival Project and Nihon Turismo with AI cars generating dense traffic all over the map. For advanced users, Custom Shaders Patch is available to setup adding dynamic weather, smooth weather transitions and rain. Automatic download of content is also available.

See it on video
Assetto Corsa Traffic Server AI Mode
Assetto Corsa Traffic Server CSP Extra Settings
Assetto Corsa Traffic Server AI Lanes Upload

Tutorials to get you started

We offer custom made tutorials for our interface in order to help users setup a complete server. Check our Youtube channel to find more! Multiple laguages avaialable

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Assetto Corsa Server with Traffic
Server commands for Assetto Corsa AI Traffic server

Test your ping

Click on the location to join the server and test the ping - Content Manager Required


Frequent Questions

Where I receive my login details ?

We will send you all the information to log to the server at the same e-mail as your PayPal

How can I make the traffic more dense?

There are a few things that will affect the amount of AI cars in your server.

In the Extra Settings tab you can find values like:

TrafficDensity & AiPerPlayerTargetCount

But also the AI lanes you select will limit the amount of players. There's AI lanes made to handle dense traffic. Some creators will provide this on their Discords or Patreon, but sometimes are the users who make the AI lanes for the track

How can I make a car only for AI?

In order to make some cars avaiable only as a traffic you need to change the AI Mode value from the entry list.

Possible values for the AI parameter are

  • auto - AI will take the slot when it is empty
  • fixed - AI will always take the car slot. It won't be possible for players to join in this slot
  • none - AI will never take the slot (default)

How I cancel my server ?

To cancel your server just send us an email to from the address you linked to the server and we will close the server and cancel the recurring payments.