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Screenshot: Used truck dealers at ETS2

UPDATE: European Truck Simulator 2 1.49


Attention Euro Truck Simulator 2 enthusiasts! We're thrilled to announce that the 1.49 update, filled with fantastic features, is just around the corner. As soon as SCS releases the server update, our dedicated team will swiftly install it on your servers, ensuring you're ready for the latest and greatest virtual trucking adventures.

🌌 Starry Nights & HDR Skyboxes Immerse yourself in a stunning night sky with dynamic stars and HDR skyboxes. Thunderstorms now captivate with visible lightning, enhancing the realism of your digital journeys.

🚛 Used Truck Dealers Discover budget-friendly used trucks right from the main menu. Check star ratings and detailed damage breakdowns. The update also revolutionizes the damage system, empowering you to make strategic maintenance decisions.

⌨️ Keybind Modifiers Unlock a world of possibilities with keybind modifiers! Now, create combinations with modifiers, short and long presses, not just for keyboards but also for controllers.

💡 Automatic Headlights Simplify your drive with automatic headlights that respond to ambient light conditions. Plus, enjoy the added feature of Automatic High Beams that adjust for oncoming vehicles, ensuring a safer virtual journey.

These updates promise a more immersive and flexible Euro Truck Simulator 2 experience. Get ready to hit the digital roads with these exciting enhancements! 🚚🛣️ #ETS2Update #GamingServer #VirtualTrucking