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No Hesi Server style


No Hesi server on Assetto Corsa

To create a server for Assetto Corsa similar to "No Hesi Server", you'll need to use one of our Traffic Server plans. These plans enable you to upload and create servers with ai traffic on them. The process are quite similar to the other server but have some different stuff

Upload Mods and AI-Lanes

The process of uploading the mods is exactly the same as for any other server, but in this case, we'll also need to upload the AI-Lanes for the tracks. We simply navigate to the track folder and select the AI-Lane file. This file contains the necessary information for the server to indicate where the cars should circulate.

Create Event with the special Entry List

When creating the event, the entire procedure is identical, except for the Entry List, where you'll see some different options. These options are to specify the type of car to the vehicle.

  1. Auto: AI will take the slot when it is empty.
  2. Fixed: AI will always take the car slot. It won't be possible for players to join in this slot.
  3. None: AI will never take the slot

Extra CSP Tabs

The server has full integration with Custom Shader Patches, that's why we have a small menu with three tabs, which allow us to configure extra options, such as the speed of artificial intelligence, the number of cars and density, and more stuff.

To join this style of No Hesi Server on Assetto Corsa you will need to use Content Manager with CSP enabled.