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Downloading mods and installing them is easy, but finding quality cars and tracks can be more difficult.

1. Dedicated Content Pages:

There are several websites where you can find mods and content for Assetto Corsa. Here are some popular ones that I can recommend:

  • Assetto World: This website has a great system for organizing content. It provides small pictures of everything and gives detailed information about each mod, making it easier to find good stuff to download.

  • Assetto Corsa Club: Although this website hasn't received new mods in a while, it still offers a lot of good content. However, some of the mods available may be a bit old and might not integrate well with Custom Shaders Patch (CSP).

  • Assetto Corsa Mods: Another older website that is regularly updated with recent contributions from creators. In addition to circuits and cars, it also offers applications, sounds, textures, and more.

  • Assetto Corsa Mods IO: This website might not be as well-known, but it boasts one of the largest collections of mods, with 6,121 cars and 974 circuits/maps. However, it could use a better filtering system as you have to navigate through pages one by one.

  • Race Department: Probably the largest page for mods, but due to the lack of filtering and moderation, you may encounter low-quality content. We recommend sorting by number of downloads to find the most relevant content.

2. Top Open World Maps:

After years of playing Assetto Corsa and hosting servers, here is our list of the most relevant maps for open-world driving:

  • La Canyons: Released in 2017, La Canyons has received updates over the years, making it almost perfect. It's known for its attention to detail, various layouts, and incredibly fun roads to drive on. Inspired by the surroundings of Los Angeles.

  • SRP: Shutoko Revival Project: Take a trip to Japan where you can drive fast on highways around Tokyo. With 160 kilometers of roads, it's great for fast races at night.

  • Union Island: Despite its seemingly small size, driving on this map is delightful. The island's vibes, along with the colors of the sky, water, and vegetation, give an exceptional feeling.

  • Shinshu-An: Although not very popular yet, this content creator's maps are worth the investment. They replicate real areas in Japan with exceptional detail. I recommend checking out Ugase City, Shimonagawa, and Inano City.