- Server hosting for Assetto Corsa
How to create Assetto Corsa server

Make an Assetto Corsa Server


Creating an Assetto Corsa Server

  1. Login:

    • Access the website and log in using your credentials in the top right corner.
  2. Upload Mods:

    • Start by uploading mods for cars and tracks.
      • Navigate to the Content tab and select Cars to upload car mods directly from the Content folder.
      • For custom tracks, go to Content > Tracks in the Assetto Corsa installation directories to upload track content for the server.
  3. Create an Event:

    • After uploading the mods, proceed to create an event.
    • Click on "View Existing" and then create a new event.
    • Configure parameters such as weather, tires, cars to be used, entry list, etc.
    • Once configured, save the event to finalize the setup.
  4. Set Server Options:

    • Head to Options to set server details, including the server name (the name that will appear in the lobby).
    • Save the changes to apply the settings.
  5. Start Server:

    • Return to the event created earlier and click Start Server to initiate the server.