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Nihon Turismo not working?


Checksum with Nihon Turismo Track for Assetto Corsa

Recently, some users reported issues with the new and popular track for Assetto Corsa called Nihon Turismo.

Nihon Turismo is a free-roam track with AI Traffic and features an expansive map size. The track folder itself exceeds 6GB, making it quite demanding. To ensure its proper functioning, you might need to update your server.

On slower computers, there might be a checksum error due to the extended load time. To address this issue, users experiencing problems should add a new line on the Extra Settings TAB on their server manager.

The parameter to be set is the "PlayerChecksumTimeoutSeconds," which needs to be on a high value to prevent client checksum errors on recent CSP versions.

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If you're looking to download this track, you can do so on their official page: Nihon Turismo

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