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BeamMP Forums

BeamMP Forums


BeamMP Forum: Meet the Community

One of the great things about BeamMP is its excellent community, which includes both developers who work on updates and new features, and people who create plugins to enhance the original interface.

Community Platforms

The community is active on multiple platforms, especially on Discord and the Forum.

  • Discord: Connect with other players and developers in real-time.
  • Forum: A hub for comprehensive support and interaction.

Forum Features

  1. FAQ Section

    • Find answers to common questions.
  2. Feedback and Suggestions

    • Give feedback and suggest new features.
  3. Staff Announcements

    • Stay updated on updates and known issues.
  4. Support Area

    • Post your questions if you encounter any problems.
    • Receive assistance from both the community and administrators.
  5. Recommended Hostings

    • Check out featured hosting services. Only official hosting providers are posted here.
  6. Mods Discussions

    • Discuss mods and find the perfect content for your server
  7. Server Resources

    • Access various resources for your server such as new plugins
  8. Off-Topic Section

    • Share ideas and suggestions related to the Forum and more.

Your Forum username and password will match those of the game, making it easier to recognize and connect with players you’ve enjoyed playing with.

Being part of the BeamMP community enhances your overall experience and keeps you updated with the latest developments and resources.