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BeamNG Server Manager

New upadte for the dedicated BeamNG manager


Hello BeamNG players!

Today, we will be installing the new BeamNG server manager update, which includes one missing feature that we haven't implemented yet and one extra feature that we decided to add to improve the experience.

  • Command Input:

This will allow you to interact with the server, enabling you to kick players, announce messages on the server, and also interact with plugins such as Cobalt Essentials, Capture the Flag, RaceMP, and other plugins.

  • Maps Presets:

This will allow you to save multiple map paths in order to swap between them without having to create the path from scratch every time you want to change it.

We hope that you like the new manager features. You are more than welcome to send any suggestions to help us improve the interface. We have just started with it and are enjoying the process of creating the best server manager interface for BeamMP.

Thanks to everyone helping and supporting us by renting a server.