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AC lobby not working

Assetto Corsa lobby is down


Dear Users,

Since yesterday, the general lobby of Assetto Corsa has been down and not functioning, which means servers cannot register with it. This issue is occurring on both PC and console. It is an error completely unrelated to

Once you press start, servers tries to connect to the lobby 4 times and after it failes 4 times it turns off.

There is a way to bypass this error. Currently, servers attempt to connect to the lobby four times, and after four unsuccessful attempts, they stop. What we need to do is prevent the server from trying to connect to the lobby.

To do this:

  1. Go to the options tab.
  2. Set the "register to lobby" option to off.


This way, the server will start even if it cannot connect to the lobby. The important part is that we need to connect to the server using the join button from the live timing menu. By using the join button and Content Manager, we can join the server without going through the lobby.

For now, this is the only available solution. There has never been such a long downtime in Assetto Corsa before.

We will keep you informed.

Thank you for your understanding.